Genuine police response

Thank you PSNI Newry & Mourne for the morning chuckle courtesy of your Facebook Page. 

I personally love it when a stodgy old and proper industry like policing let’s down their hair a little and actually talks like the people talk (within reason).  Some people call it being more human (ugh), more relatable or just simple being genuine.

Case in point…humor, sarcasm and flippant attitudes can all play great in the right circumstance and situations.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland got just that chance after they caught wind of a bush party (rave) that was going to happen near a quarry so they did exactly what a police agency should do…they decided to prevent crime. They took to Facebook and let everyone know the event had been cancelled and that people should stay away.Crime and DIsorder Prevention But that aside, what came next was awesome. Big surprise…some people whined and cried about the mean police cancelling a party and ruining their summer. (Insert the most sincere “Boo-hoos” and “Whaaaaas” I can muster.)  The response??

Screen shot 2014-07-04 at 9.12.04 AM

Dripping with just enough sarcasm to let you know the police really don’t care about the bellyaching and whining. But they did it in a way that also led to an education factor.

So many people only see the immediate impact of what police do and assume the decisions made are short-sighted and reactionary. In this case,

Party>Illegal>Cancel>Done, case closed.

But here is what the police actually see, the big picture.

Party>Drinking>Drugs>Poor decisions>falls>fights>injuries>death>investigations>loss of life>mourning families>Cancel>Ensure it doesn’t go ahead>Educate>Prevent>React

I love the tone that the Newry & Mourne account took with the criticism because most of us (that can see the big picture) would react in that same manner. The question is, would we say it? Do we have the courage to be genuine?

Well done and thanks!

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About Tim Burrows

Tim Burrows was a sworn police officer for 25 years with experience in front line operations, primary response, traffic, detective operations and supervision. He has training in a broad spectrum of policing responsibilities including, IMS, Emergency Management, computer assisted technology investigations, leadership, community policing and crisis communications. For the past five years Tim has been regarded as a world leader in the use of Social Media. He has worked with police, law enforcement, government and non-profits in the development of social media programs, strategy implementation, risk management/mitigation and the day to day use of social media in the use of Social Media for law enforcement. “Social Media is a communications tool plain and simple. What makes it different is the speed, depth and richness of the communication that can take place. It can be used as a global medium or a village voice.” Tim is a regular presenter internationally to audiences of police executives, leadership, front-line and support personnel along with key-note lectures on social media, public safety, community safety and engagement for main stream audiences. Tim delivers memorable presentations that are aimed at being both educating and entertaining to his audience. He speaks in a personal, energetic and highly engaging manner. He takes the time to customize each and every presentation to meet the needs and level of understanding for his audience. He leaves the audience inspired and equipped with the knowledge to make a difference and be better prepared to implement key strategies right away. No More BulliesCyber safety and reputation management for families has been a regular topic of discussion in both the main stream media and social media spaces which Tim has been regularly presenting to parent and children’s groups to help protect and educate others on the hidden dangers understanding of the new information age. He resides in both the Toronto, Ontario and Orlando, Florida areas with his wife and three children.
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