Tim Burrows

Tim_CLBuchanan-0117Tim Burrows was a sworn police officer for 25 years with experience in front line operations, primary response, traffic, detective operations and supervision.  He has training in a broad spectrum of policing responsibilities including, IMS, Emergency Management, computer assisted technology investigations, leadership, community policing and crisis communications.

He is regarded as a world leader in the use of Social Media for police and law enforcementNo More Bullies use and has worked extensively with police, law enforcement, government and non-profits in the development of social media programs, strategy implementation, risk management/mitigation and the day-to-day use of social media in the use of Social Media for law enforcement.  “Social Media is a communications tool plain and simple. What makes it different is the speed, depth and richness of the communication that can take place.  It can be used as a global medium or a village voice.”

  • Tim produced the first fully online Law Enforcement Social Media Conference, The #LESM Conference
  • Hosts the Twitter Chat #CopChat on Wednesday nights at 9pm
  • Produces and hosts The Police Podcast

Social/Digital/Communications Training

Tim provides training to agencies on a regular basis both online and in person providing some of the best and most relevant training available for social media, digital media and communications.

Courses range from one hour webinars online to three-day intensive sessions that are in person.

As a former seconded instructor at The Ontario Police College to teaching at the Toronto Police College and in jurisdictions across North America,  Tim has a great deal of experience with delivering material from the unique perspective of having had been a sworn police officer therefore understands the unique demands associated to the profession.

To learn more about the training or to discuss what we can do to assist you, click here.


Tim Burrows has spoken to audiences large and small on a variety of topics for law enforcement and business interests.

Tim brings energy and emotion to your audience in a manner that is easily understood, entertaining and full of takeaways (and “tweetables”) that serve your organization well.  All talks are designed around the goals and needs of your agenda and built with your audience and message in mind for success.

Tim is available for:

  • Keynote
  • Conference
  • Workshop
  • Lunch and Learn

For information about booking Tim to speak and for examples of his work visit the “About Page” or, click here.

Cyber Safety

As a retired police officer, husband and parent, cyber safety for families and their personal safety means a lot to me. The dangers no longer lurk near the playgrounds and school yards of our children’s schools, but in their bedrooms, pockets and around the world.

The Internet, with all of its amazing advances still hasn’t found a way to create a safe environment for kids, victims of crime or vulnerable people. While some software can help to insulate people, education is the secret weapon to combat cyber attacks and online bullying.

Almost important is the need for responsible Internet use by our youth today. Not understanding the importance of how the Internet works or the bigger picture beyond ‘today’ has meant kids losing scholarships, being removed from associations, kicked off of elite teams and in some cases, worse, with criminal records.

Tim is available to bring his experience and expertise to your school, organization or event to help educate students and parents alike with presentations designed for each.

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