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EP 90 – Motorcop Returns To The Police Podcast!!

MC – AKA Jason Hoschouer was the very first guest I ever had on The Police Podcast…

I knew at some point I would have him back on. We’ve kept in contact since that first episode and I’ve been an avid listener to his podcast, The Crossover Show that he co-hosts with Justin Bieber.

MC has been online talking about his duties since 2008 and letting the world know, “If got stopped, you deserved it.” He talks about some of the current events that we’ve been seeing around North America, finances, quality of life and what he thinks are the most important things in life.

Last time MC was on the show he talked about his interest in financial matters after going through debt struggles and finding his way out through training he received from Dave Ramsey.

Well, MC is now taken this to the next level developing the, “Motorcop Mindset” which is a system to help people improve their lives.

MC has always been an author focusing on blog writing, but now he has just published a new book on focusing on budgeting for the first responders, “Badges And Budgets – Personal Finances From A Law Enforcement Perspective”.

I bought MC’s book and it is filled with actionable content and financially sound advice. If all you do is implement what MC talks about in this book, you’ll be better of than you are right now…take it to the next level and…well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.


Jason is offering a free webinar for you on Saturday July, 2nd at 1:00pm ET / 10:00am PT, in which he will walk you through The Motorcop Mindset and Budgets & Badges.

Here is the link that will take you the registration page.

Follow MC:
New Website – TheMotorCopMindset

MC is also a contributor to Uniform Stories. Check out his work there as well:

Thanks to MC for taking the time to join us on The Police Podcast!

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