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The Top 25 SMEM (by Patrice Cloutier)

For those of you who don’t know Patrice Cloutier, you are missing out on a fountain of information.  The past month he has been cultivating a list of the top #SMEM (Social Meida for Emergency Management) people and sites.  The … Continue reading

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Take your time with Facebooks TimeLine

As many of you probably know by now, Timeline is here.  What’s TimeLine you ask?  Well, great question.  Timeline is the evolution of Facebook.  Your present profile will be replaced by Timeline.  You can ask for it now, you can … Continue reading

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I’m stealing this post!!

Ok, not really.  I’m sharing this post.  I read this today and I agree with it so much and support the stand in it, that RT’ing it, sharing it and hoping you all look at it isn’t enough. I really … Continue reading

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How to do Social Media

Out of all the questions that one can ask about social media, this is probably the toughest one to answer.  How do you do social media?  Some of you may say that it isn’t a tough question.  You set up … Continue reading

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Setting the record straight

I’ve veered away from the basics of social media series to focus on an interesting story that I just came across. Ogden police seek to quell online rumors about student’s death Quick notes of the above story. A 14-year-old girl … Continue reading

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