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Twitter Announces Longer Videos

If you ran Twitter and decided to allow longer video formats, how long would you make them? Instagram went from 15 to 60 seconds. Facebook, Periscope, Meerkat, Blab, UStream…etc, are unlimited so where do you go from 30 seconds? The world is turning into mass … Continue reading

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How do you measure up?

I think one of the places that law enforcement is missing the boat in their social media programs is in the area of measurement, or more accurately…what they are measuring. Followers, likes, subscribers and friends are essentially to having a … Continue reading

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Responding to crime reports on Social Media

So I’m trying to figure out a sports analogy to describe the two examples below… split the uprights/shanked the conversion (NFL and CFL in full swing) through the five hole / hit the crossbar (Hockey is back baby) hit one … Continue reading

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You know you’ve scared people when…

A few months ago, #CopChat made its debut on Twitter.  Every Wednesday night at 9pm Eastern Time, since the inaugural Twitter chat, there has been a steady growth of community and police taking part with Christa Miller and myself.  The … Continue reading

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Facebook Notifications… do you use them?

I took a little time off work recently which included no Blackberry while I was off.  Yes, I was in heaven without it.  When I returned to work, I opened my email and I was floored by the number of … Continue reading

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5 Things to do to improve your Twitter experience

This isn’t going to be a long drawn out post full of theory and reasoning why you should do these 5 things… just straightforward simple things that you can do in the next 25 minutes to improve your Twitter experience. … Continue reading

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Targeting the right audience

One of the most memorable reactions to a crisis communications situation I recall is when Domino’s Pizza faced the wrath of an enraged populace who were responding to a video posted by employees in one of their stores doing all … Continue reading

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4 Types of Corporate Twitter Accounts

Are there more than four types of Twitter accounts?  Yes, sure there are.  These are just four of the more common ones that I have seen. Broadcaster What it looks like… Auto posts or tweets that are nothing more than … Continue reading

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Don’t use science ROI on human interaction

There is a reason Return on Investment (ROI) is one of the most talked about subjects within social media for business.  How do you know your effort, time, money and other resources (Investment) are worth the gains for those efforts … Continue reading

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30 posts in 30 days

What in the name of Sir Robert Peel was I thinking?? Somehow I agreed to committing myself to writing 30 blog posts in 30 days.  I write for a few different blogs including this one, but never have I even … Continue reading

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