Police Videos of 2015

Welcome to the Top Police Videos of 2015 Blog Post.

The best that police and law enforcement have to offer in the world of video for 2015

My choice for theĀ 15 Best Police and Law Enforcement Videos are below picked from a field of 87 videos that I’ve been bookmarking all year long.

This list isn’t about the most popular police videos, or the most liked, the most commented or the most shared. While there are some very popular videos in here, this list is more about inspiring police agencies to do great things with video. They are in no particular order other than to say the first video does have over 38 Million Views…you may remember it from way back in January.

The newest video was just published yesterday and my personal favorite video in this list has less than one thousand views.

It goes without saying that the IACP #WhyIWearTheBadge video series could completely own this list (There are a couple included here).

I hope you enjoy these.

Dover, Delaware

Rock County, Wisconsin

Cedar Hill, Texas

Hampton, Virginia

SanFrancisco, California

Dunwoody, Georgia

Redmond, Washington


Roseville, California

Santa Monica, California

FortWorth, Texas

Tampa, Florida

York Region, Ontario

Boca Raton, Florida

Arlington, Texas

Next year I’ll be writing a post specific to video strategy and why I believe some videos are better than others and what you can do to nail your video for the benefit of your community.

Do you have any favorite videos that aren’t here? Did I miss one that you think should be here? Share it in the comments and let’s see it.

About Tim Burrows

Tim Burrows was a sworn police officer for 25 years with experience in front line operations, primary response, traffic, detective operations and supervision. He has training in a broad spectrum of policing responsibilities including, IMS, Emergency Management, computer assisted technology investigations, leadership, community policing and crisis communications. Tim is available to assist you with your social media program and communication. Click here to contact him http://bit.ly/ContactTimBurrows

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