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Police Videos of 2015

Welcome to the Top Police Videos of 2015 Blog Post. My choice for the 15 Best Police and Law Enforcement Videos are below picked from a field of 87 videos that I’ve been bookmarking all year long. This list isn’t about … Continue reading

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Vine vs Instagram Part II

I don’t like making any decisions based purely on like / don’t like.  I prefer to play with things, experiment, read and really rate the pros and cons before I make a preferential choice for one thing over another.  I will tell … Continue reading

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New Shiny Toys

The last few months have been like Christmas morning in the social media world with new toys being delivered to be opened and played with, shown to your friends and placed in that special spot with all your important stuff. … Continue reading

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#CopChat Smile… you’re on camera

No one can argue the value of video in almost everything around us nowadays.  You can’t turn around it seems without seeing an advisory that you are in the vicinity of surveillance cameras, see someone with a camera, emailed a … Continue reading

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