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Well Said

If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting PC Randall Arsenault, this Instagram post will tell you pretty much everything you need to know about him. Well said Randy. I'd like to shout out and thank the thousands of Police … Continue reading

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Instagram: Comments, Likes And More To Increase Engagement

Instagram has been established as an excellent tool to create engagement for a long time now and I predict this new move will cause an Instagram explosion to your engagement levels. In a quiet roll out that began yesterday and will take … Continue reading

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Engagement Improved With 3 Tips

Engagement: Are You Leaving It On The Table? If you’ve been following me for any length of time you know that I am not a fan of cross populating content from one platform to another. It can be a major engagement … Continue reading

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InstaContext, InstaPerspective: The real reason one police officer has been vilified by the online community.

The Toronto Star printed a story last week written by Wendy Gillis pointing out a Toronto Police Officer’s Instagram account. http://www.thestar.com/news/crime/2015/04/09/toronto-officers-instagram-photos-stir-concern.html Wendy Gillis, you asked for thoughts and here are mine. This article is a discredit to journalistic integrity. One … Continue reading

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You just won the Internet today!

No words necessary… The Foot Book, The Hat book, The Egg book, The Nose Book. For herself, For himself, For itself, For ourself. Doughnuts and bacon Are the jokes we expect, But at the Jeffco Sheriff We’re proud to serve … Continue reading

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Vine vs Instagram Part II

I don’t like making any decisions based purely on like / don’t like.  I prefer to play with things, experiment, read and really rate the pros and cons before I make a preferential choice for one thing over another.  I will tell … Continue reading

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Vine or Instagram?

“Who has time for both?” I read that earlier today and I was blown away.  I suppose if you are just going about your business using social media as a passive observer, or a passionate consumer you could very well … Continue reading

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New Shiny Toys

The last few months have been like Christmas morning in the social media world with new toys being delivered to be opened and played with, shown to your friends and placed in that special spot with all your important stuff. … Continue reading

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