Vine vs Instagram Part II

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I don’t like making any decisions based purely on like / don’t like.  I prefer to play with things, experiment, read and really rate the pros and cons before I make a preferential choice for one thing over another.  I will tell you, I have tried a billion different hamburgers, but 5 Guys has my vote for favourite burger.  That certainly doesn’t mean I won’t eat a Big Mac or Whopper, but given my druther, it’s 5 Guys for me (with cheese and BACON).

So when Instagram upped the quick vid playground market, I didn’t say one or the other, I asked why not both?  Oh and don’t forget the Godfather of Vid sites, YouTube which is more than adequate for short vid blasts as well, along with so many other sites.

What I will say at this time is something that has always bothered me about video.  Crappy video makes for a bad viewer experience.  Crappy audio makes even great video nauseating.  But, I can live with 6 seconds of bad audio/video way easier than 15 seconds.  By the time I throw up a little in my mouth with 6 seconds, it’s over.  15 seconds??? Can’t hit close fast enough.ID-10075792

Here is my peeve which from what I’ve been reading, a lot of people share.  Why did Facebook screw with a good thing?  I love scrolling through the pictures of Instagram.  Why make unnecessary noise with InstVid?  Why not create a separate platform?  You know, Instagram from pictures, InstaVid for video.  Then, I could have my little picture perfect world without interruption.

Twitter has it right IMHO.  Vine is for video, TwitPic is for pictures.  It makes sense to me.

Back to quality.  For kids, gushing parents and simple shares, either InstaVid or Vine are great.  They’re fun, light, easy.  For people who are using the platforms to inform and educate, marketers, brands (police and law enforcement), I expect high quality, great content.  Not ear shattering audio and shaky video.

I hear it now, “But its in the moment, its raw, natural.”  It’s what people want to see.  Sorry, NO.  I am people and I don’t want to see it.  I want to know that my consumer or tax dollars are being used wisely to educate, influence or inform.  I want fun, in the moment, raw from my kids videos.

There is enough “throwing it all against the wall and hoping some will stick” out there.  Trust me, it will stick and stink.  ALthough, I must admit, I am thankful that the garbage is only in 6 or 15 second hits…20 minutes of the same leads to bigger problems and less views over time.

Make your choice, support your platform, but just be great at what you do.

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Tim Burrows was a sworn police officer for 25 years with experience in front line operations, primary response, traffic, detective operations and supervision. He has training in a broad spectrum of policing responsibilities including, IMS, Emergency Management, computer assisted technology investigations, leadership, community policing and crisis communications. Tim is available to assist you with your social media program and communication. Click here to contact him
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3 Responses to Vine vs Instagram Part II

  1. cns says:

    I person does not equal = people

  2. robcairns says:

    Hi Tim thanks for writing. My two sense worth. In video marketing marketers are saying that short videos are now better then long ones. 30 seconds or less for promo types.

    You also need to remember that Facebook did not spend millions on Instagram not to do anything with it. Personally I prefer Instagram for photos over Twtpic. Now if you are on a Blackberry you have limited choices.

    I would suggest that anyone who does not have to use a Blackberry due to corporate rules get an Android or even an Iphone for social media use. It is the best way and more versatile.

    Personally I like what Instgram is dong and it already has a large community. If ti were me I would be levering both because they both have large communities.

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